Monday, July 13, 2009

Where have I been???

Well maybe you guys are wondering where I have been these last few months...Trying to keep up with my boys is where I have been...Wow what a job I have...Julien is now 8 months and he is all over the place crawling and climbing and getting into everything...Finally I am able to sit and relax for 5 minutes to jot down a quick post...Hmmm....Updates: My sister in law had a beautiful baby girl named Alicia born on June 26th...Shes beautiful...Oh the most recent thing...We came home Saturday night from visiting my parents all day in Illinois...I went to go by the front door to put the fan by it to get some air circulating in the house and what do i see staring me in the eyes??? Only the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life...This thing was about 2" long and about 1/2"-1" thick...Huge, dark and scary of course...To top that off when my husband went to stomp it a million little babies scattered off of it...Then we had about 100 of these mutant spiders crawling on the floor...Good thing he has pretty big feet to kill a bunch with each stomp of his foot...Scary, scary, scary! Hopefully that is one of those things that you only see one of in your lifetime...Hmmm...My garden is doing great...I picked the green beans today and I will be having squash and zuccini in about 3-5 days I think...Cherry tomatoes are looking about ready as well...Next will be the lovely canning days...I dread that but I love the finished product...This summer I also plan to have a yard sale if I can ever get everything together...We have pretty low on money again...Hmmm...My dad lost his job today after more 15 years being there...I feel bad for him...Hes only about 43 though so he can get a new one im sure...What else.....Oh my home has termites...Yea thats great I know...They are coming out of our ceilings so the termite man will be here in a few days to treat that...Well I think thats about it...Other than all that I have been pretty much enjoying the summer if thats what you want to call it...I have been to the beach twice this year...I loved that...Hoepfully I will get a few more days in there before summer is over...Well I think I will end it all there...I have to go get dinner ready...Tacos, rice and chips and guacamole...YUMMMM....

Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Thankful Thursday~

Well It is time again for another Thankful Thursday. This thursday I am especially thankful for my kids. They are such great kids.
Dakota is my 3 year old. He is definately a handful 99% of the time but he is sweet when it gets down to the point. If you are sad he knows it and he will stay by your side the whole day. If you are mad he sees just how far he can push your buttons. LOL. If you are happy he sees how far he can go with getting with away with things since mommy is in a good mood LOL. The last thing he did was he got into the red hairspray stuff and got it everywhere in the bathroom LOL. He is also very smart. He knows his ABC's, counts to 20, knows his shapes, colors, he can color in the lines very good, he write a few letters, he can recognize a few letters, he can recognize his name in a sentence. He is amazing. He loves nursery rhymes and anything with Mother Goose. He loves to watch George Lopez and Fresh Prince. LOL.
Julien is 6 months now. I cant believe how fast those 6 months have gone by. It is very sad for me. I feel like I havent even got to spend much time with him for some reason although Im home with him all day. I guess maybe because I have another child to focus on also and not just him. He is great also. He smiles and laughs so much. He has the biggest dimples. He loves to jump/bounce. Now he has recently started dancing when he hears music. He kinda shakes his butt and moves his legs around. Its so cute. He has been getting up on his hands and knees like he wants to crawl. He dont sit up by his self yet though. He still hasnt popped that first tooth in yet. I know hes been teething for a while now though. He likes to go for walks. He dont like to just sit around. He has to always be doing something. He loves the Baby Einstein movies. He has the Baby Motzart one. We also watch other ones on YOUTUBE. He loves the rubix cube. LOL. Everytime my husband is trying to solve it Julien reaches for it. I think its all the different colors. He loves his baby food. He has recently went from eating 1/2 jar at a time to a now a while jar. The only ones he wont eat are green beans and the meat with gravy ones like turkey and gravy. Other than those he loves them all. I think he especially likes corn and peas. He likes to NOT wear a diaper LOL. When I take his diaper off he flips right over like hes gonna make a run for it LOL. Hes so funny.
Well the reason I am so thankful for my kids is because they truely make my day so amazing everyday. I do not know where I would be with out them. I have completely changed my life around for them. I used to be a partier and drink a lot and do other things I am not proud of. Once I decided I want to have children I stopped it all and we began trying. I ended up pregnant with my first and threw all my old days behind me. No more partying , smoke, drinking, etc. The way I see it I want to raise my children sober and not intoxicated. If you have to be intoxicated to take care of your kids then maybe parenthood wasnt cut out for you. So truely I do not know where I would be without my kids. They are the light of my life. I love my babies!!!

@~,'~Happy Birthday Sexy!!!

HAHAHA Today is my husbands 24th Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Baby Cakes!!!!! I cant for him to get home from work so I can hear all about his day at work today. At his job they completely terrorize your car on your birthday. They completely wrap it in plastic wrap and they put shaving cream all over it. He left early so he could try to find a hiding spot for his car. LOL. Hes silly. They also give him balloons, candy, and birthday cards. I hope they find his car LOL.

aahhh My poor computer....

About 2 weeks ago my beautiful laptop was dropped and broken by the husband. He was drinking with his cousin and a friend and they were playing beer pong and he apparently had too much to drink. He was getting up to show his cousin something on the computer and he tripped and dropped the computer. The back of the screen hit the corner of the coffee table and cracked the stuff inside the screen. So only about 2/3 of the screen on my laptop is working now. I am not very happy about that. LOL. So that is why I havent had very many posts because its kinda hard to see what you are doing since the screen is so messed up. The other day I got sent to a porn page because I apparently typed in the wrong thing for what I was trying to go to. So I am kinda a lil scared to use the computer when it is like this. I think my inlaws are getting a new screen though for my husband birthday. We'll see though. Anyhow that is why I havent had very many posts in a while.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Im a 24 year old Granny!

LOL! Our hamsters had babies. 7 of them. Of course I do not know the sex yet but they are so cute! They are so bald and pink..I wonder what they will look like when they get their fur. Im happy about it. Everyone that I told was like "what will you do with so many hamsters, you better finds them homes so you dont end up with more"...I think I will keep them. Hamsters are not expensive at all to take care of since they dont eat much and the bedding lasts forever. And since they are dwarf hamsters they do not smell AT ALL. If you have regular hamsters you know they start to smell after about a day or 2. Well I dont have to change these ones but 1 time every 2 weeks. They bedding stays pretty dry besides in the one corner where they use the bathroom at. I clean that part out every few days and its just a handful of bedding so its quick and easy to do. Anyways they just do not stink at all. So I think i will keep them and seperate the boys from the girls so i dont have to have buy new cages every few weeks lol. I am going to look on freecycle and see if there are any cages on there so I dont have to buy any because we dont have the money to do that right now. Well i just wanted to let everyone know that I now have baby hamsters!

~Thankful Thursday~

Well I feel like I just posted last weeks Thankful Thursday like yesterday...LOL...Anyways, this weeks Thankful Thursday will be about my husband! I know some of you are, who needs em'? Well I say I do! My husband is a great guy. Really he is. I mean I know I belittle him sometimes and I may not think he is so smart sometimes but really he is amazing. He works and works as much as he has to to make sure his kids are well taken care of. He is going to be laid off of work in June and he litterally cried about it to me. Tears and all because he is terrified that something will happen in those weeks where we will need the money and it will not be there. For some reason my baskets stopped selling. They were selling like hotcakes for a while there but im guessing that was because of Easter. But who knows. Anyways, he is so worried about this as am I. So he has decided to try to get a 2nd job. I dont think it will happen in the time that we need it to but we will see. But anyways. He is the type of person that will rub my back the second I get in to bed until the time I finally fall asleep. He always consults me before making any decisions. He cooks on his days off without me asking him to. He cleans without me asking him to. He is just Heaven sent most days. So this Thursday I am thankful for my husband Brandon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Earth Day work...

Well we went outside for about an hour a little while ago and we did a little work. We didnt make it but maybe 50 feet down the street because there was a dog running around down there and I am terrified of stray dogs! However we did get a walmart sized bag pretty full of trash that we picked up. My 3 year old was loving it. He likes to touch dirty stuff lol...So here are a few pics of my son doing his part to help OUR Earth!

Good Job Dakota!


So today is Eart Day around the world...What type of things are you doing or planning on doing? Is your community doing anything special?
Well, before I begin outside I need to start on the inside. My house needs a good quick "clean-up" hour. I will go through each room and do a quick walk through and pick up as much as I can. Maybe even do a quick dust job. I definately need to finish my last few loads of laundry. I think thats about for the inside.
Ahhhhh...The great outdoors...I really hope those horses across the street were found last night...So last night were sitting in my living room. My husband and my son were watching Family Guy I think and I was finishing upi my baskets and I kept hearing a loud thumping noise so I told my son to stop banging his feet on the ground. Him and my husband both gave me alook like "what are you tlaking about?". So my husband got up and opened up the door because he said the noise was coming from outside...Well the noise got really loud when he opened the door...After looking around for a minute he realized that the neighbors across the streets horses where flying up and down the street...So he went to their house to tell them...He was pissed when he got back because he said they wouldnt open the door they just stood there staring at him like he was a robber or something...He had to yell through the window on the door "your horses are running in the street again!". Then he left...He said they still didnt open the door...Ignorant...He said he will not tell them next time since they want to be ignorant like that...So then about 10 minutes later they finally drove by and by then the horses had already ran way down the side street by our house...I went to bed about an hour later and I still didnt see them come back with any horses...
So as I was going to say before...I love the great outdoors...Sports, swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, etc...It's all great...Except..............BUGS!!!! I am a firm believer in if I see a spidey he will n ot live to see the next day...Unless its a baby one! Although Im sure they bite just as hard...So today I plan on taking a walk and bringing along a trash bag to pick up all the garbage that I have been noticing on the side of my street. I dont know what people litter. I also plan on starting new seeds since the ones I started a few weeks back are going NOTHING. I think I may have started them a lil too early. So today is peppers, flowers, and tomatos...I will also clean up my yard. Maybe even rake up some twigs while Im at it...Oh and the main thing...All the lights and other electronical things will be turned off and unplugged while I do these things. Well everything except the fridge...Of course...
I do not know if my community is doing anything special today or not..I think a Great Town-Wide Clean-Up would be great for this little town. If at leas one person from each home got together to clean up for just 1 hour this place would be spotless. I live in a VERY SMALL town. LOL.
Well let me know if you have any special plans for today!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~*Tasty Tuesday*~

Ok tonight we had tacos and I am the type of person that HAS to have a side dish with every dinner...Well there arent many things that go with tacos...I mean I can name a few but there arent as many as other dishes...So anyways...This is my favorite thing to make with tacos...

Mexican Corn:

Things you need;

1 can corn; drained
1 1/2 tblspoon butter
1/4c. chopped onion
1/4c. chopped bell pepper (you can use red or green or both)
1/4 tsp-1/2 tsp black pepper

melt butter in pan over med heat.
add drained corn, onion, and bell peppers
add salt and pepper.
cook and stir until onions brown...

this is a great side dish for any mexican food...We all love it at my home...


Thursday, April 16, 2009

~*Thankful Thursday*~

Well I think a lot in a day! I mainly think about things that I probably shouldnt. But the point is I do think. Today I am thankful for thinking before I speak. Today I was talking to a complete idiot on the phone and he/she said something that I was not happy about and I ALMOST snapped but I figured if I did that I could cause a lot of problems so THANKFULLY I was able to think before I spoke and I let it go and said "oh ok". Of the words that almost came out were more along the lines of "you are a crazy a** person and there is no way I would ever take advice from you"...and some other words in there that I dont feel the need to say. I hate when people put their opinion in tooooooo much where it doesnt belong and I also hate when people try to push off their advice when I do not ask for it...It would be ok if maybe I thought it would help the situation but when they are just trying to cause more problems then no I will not even consider it! So that is what I am thankful for today!